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pregnant ladies
To overcome problem
related to pregnancy and
child birth special Pooja and
Pushpanjali at the Garbhara-
kshambika temple help .
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About this Parayanam  
Narayaneeyam composed by Melpathoor Narayana Bhattathiri is the condensed form of sthuthi. It is a hymn sung by Lord Parameswara praising Devi Durga. Parayanam(reading) of Sri MadBhagavatham composed by Sri VEDA VYAASAN .It beautifully illustrates the ten incarnations of lord Vishnu in 1008 Slokas( verses)The author composed it in front of the deity Guruvayoorappan (the well known temple at south India at Guruvayoor) .He was cured of his partial paralysis as soon as he completed the 1008th Sloka. Regular Parayanam(reading) of Narayaneeyam enables to cure all sorts of illness.
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