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hindupurohit.com - About us
To formulate the rituals and other social activities in the year of 1999 the promoters shaped a non- Profit organization called Sri Kollur Seva Charitable Trust. Name which resembles Goddess Sri Kollur Mookambika _MahaKali MahaLakshmi and Maha Saraswathi in single form.

Started with a publication of small book “Gayathri Shasranamam“further evoked the enthusiasm from Devotees. We further published books Radhakrishna Sahasranamam, Devi Sthothra Sapthakam, and Devi Mahathmyam (Narayanee sthuthi). Part of the spirituality we do charity work too, following are some of them.
charity services
We are also giving Scholarships to music students, monthly ANNADANAM are other social activities of our society.

  • Distribution of Scholarship to Music Students.

  • Free accommodation for outstation music student.

  • Astrology consultancy by experts.

  • Conducting Classes on Narayaneeam , Sri Math Bhavaghatham.

  • Publishing Books to evoke the spirituality on lay man.

  • Arranging Music Concerts for young talent as well as Professional artists.

  • Conducting classes Carnatic classical music.

  • Arranging Pooja, Homam and Purana Parayanam at Yagasala.

  • Arranging Pilgrim Tours as per the requests from the Devotees.
  • The promoters of the website are
    The promoters of the website are

    Sri Vaikam. H. N. Swamy (68) a scholar in Sanskrit and well known for Srimad Baghavatha Sapthaha Parayanam & Srimad Devi Navaha Parayanam. He had transliterated Valmeeki Ramayanam, which is originally in Sanskrit, and Sree Seetha Rama Baktha Sabha, Trivandrum, Kerala published the book.

    He has also completed the transliteration of Srimad Devi Baghavatham into Malayalam script (under print). He is also experienced in Hindu Thanthrik Poojas and rituals.

    P. Rama Subrmoina iyer (63)
    Senior Government Staff (Retired) expert astrologer. More he wrote in magazines about our Purana, sasthra and Hindu spiritually.

    His researches on Purana and Ithihasa has come out as small stories usually published in Magazines As member of so many charitable institutions his services are highly appreciated.

    He is the director of Navagraha Network. _a free Matrimonial horoscope Exchange bank.

    S.Vaikam Padma Krishnan( 33)
    Famous violinist and expert Carnatic classical musician. Disciple of Kumari A.Kannya kumari and given so many concerts in south India. Her contact and proficiency in Music helped the trust in all means.She had taken class in Melbourne and given concert over there.

    Dr.Kollur Krishna Iyer (38)
    He is a MBA graduate in Marketing. He got initiation in Mantra, Tantra and Astrology in the younger age itself. He has been honored by PhD in Vedic Astrology.

    His delve into the multi sphere of influence has reflected in his book Astrological Remedies & its effects. His Devi Upasana , Tantra Yoga and Free Astrology _ recommendations helped enormous group of people in India and abroad. He had visited Middle East countries for astro consultancies

    He is the Managing Trustee of Sri Kollur Seva charitable Trust and Administrator of the Website www.hindupurohit.com
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